The memory has flair…

Voluntarily rendered amnesic mice, were able to recover the memory with a stem cell transplant human nasal. This is the result of an experiment unique cell therapy conducted by several university teams associated with the CNRS.

It took four teams from Marseille and Montpellier, to conduct this study: they analyzed the effects of stem cell transplantation in the human olfactory brain of mice rendered amnesiac. “Four weeks after transplantation, behavioral tests showed that the transplanted mice had regained their ability to learn and remember the location of objects, or a combination of reward with an odor,” says CNRS. The scores of the grafted animals were in fact similar to those observed in non-injured rodents.

The use of nasal stem cells has many advantages: they are easy to collect and cultivate. In addition, each individual can be his own donor, eliminating any risk of rejection. “In the longer term, this study could pave the way for a clinical trial based on stem cell autrogreffe nose in patients suffering from post-traumatic amnesia,” says CNRS. Moreover, this research continues on animal models of Alzheimer’s disease.



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