The medications against cough are useless

This is it, the days get shorter, the cold is felt, you have gout in nose and a cough that does not let you. And, like every year, you are about to pass the door of the pharmacy across from you to give you a medicine against cough to relieve you. Well aware that these drugs are useless.

The review 60 Million Consumers spent on test drugs commercially available and intended to cure cough and observation is clear: the effectiveness of these products is nonexistent! Especially for cough. The study authors go even further, pointing to three products, which they could even be dangerous.

Too much alcohol and allergenic

Indeed Rhinatiol® syrups, Vicks expectorant® especially Medibronc® not only contain doses of alcohol that could be dangerous for certain categories of the population, such as pregnant women, for example, but these products also contain substances allergens that it is recommended not to consume. Thus, their risk / benefit ratio is not at all favorable for the patient.

In terms of dry cough, the situation is a little less severe but goes substantially in the same direction. Also according to the advice of the magazine, do not prefer brands but the molecule used in the drug. Thus, it would be products containing dextromethorphan which present the most interesting results with a special mention for Atuxane®, and Tussidane®. Caution, however, some drugs are also to be avoided: the case of New codion® Rhinathiol® tablets and syrup contain active ingredients and antinommiques: one is against dry cough and the other is expectorant. Beware also of Thiopectol® syrup which has an alcohol content of 15.8 °, more than wine!

Natural methods equally effective

But if you cough, do not despair. There are things to do to relieve your symptoms and these are often the reflex sense. So shun tobacco, cigarette smoke and, more generally, polluted atmospheres. Do not forget to regularly ventilate your home and avoid overheating the rooms where you spend most of your time.

Think last to drink plenty of water and herbal teas to hydrate and relieve irritated mucous membranes. You can add honey and lemon to your hot beverages that emerge immediately. Finally, do not forget the essential oils inhaled: they will be equally effective (more) than any drug sold commercially. Eucalyptus, thyme, lavender, rosemary: a few drops in a hot bowl of water and voila.

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