The incredible video of a mother giving birth alone in a car

This video should allay all fears and apprehensions of women about to ‘birth. Lesia Pettijohn has become a star on Youtube. Having given birth to her third child, alone and by car. It was her husband who took her to the hospital who filmed the scene with a GoPro attached to his leg. A video widely relayed by the recent Anglo-Saxon media, such as Guardian .

Lesia Pettijohn is about to give birth. From the first contractions, she hits the road with her husband, Jonathan, towards the Bay Area Birth Center in Pasadena. It’s been 45 minutes the couple rolls. But 10 minutes before arriving at the maternity ward, after too sharp, the bag of waters breaks.

A baby of 4.5 kilos

Without panic, the young woman, already a mother of two, will start work alone. Her husband continues to drive calmly. It will only help to remove his seat belt and his pants. After ten spurts, and many cries of pain, the baby appeared.

In just four minutes, childbirth is completed. The mother puts her child on her thigh until he came to motherhood and pat him on the back to hear his first cry. “We did it,” then exclaimed the father of this beautiful baby of 4.5 kilos.

Less than a week after the birth, the mother and the little boy, named Josiah. The video has been seen it more than 5 million times on YouTube.

The video of the birth of Lesia Pettijohn search youtube.

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