The health study of the day: the smoke of the incense would be more harmful than the cigarette

This is the killer combo ! If smoke a cigarette before embalm your living room with a bamboo stick of incense to mask the smell, is one of the worst things you can afflict your body.  That is certainly the conclusion of a study conducted by Dr. Rong Zhou of South China university of technology, whose results have just been published in Environmental Chemistry Letters .

Methodology: two flavors of incense sticks tested on mice
In reaching this finding, scientists have tested on laboratory rats the effects of incense sticks made from “wood Eagle “and” sandalwood “, which are the two most used fragrances worldwide. Not less than 64 components were analyzed in the study. They then compared the effects with those of tobacco.

What the study showed. Genetic mutations to cause cancer
From these analyzes, the researchers found that incense smoke indoors had more toxic effects on ovarian cells in guinea pigs. Concerned, two substances (about 64 identified) with cytotoxic and genotoxic effects would be potentially carcinogenic. “Obviously, there must be a heightened awareness in the management of risks to health associated with having to burn incense in indoor environments,” said Dr. Rong Zhoiu in a press release.

What this will change: a study funded by the Chinese tobacco lobby
This is not the first time that scientific work pointing the finger at the dangers of incense. However, these results must be qualified. First, because the study was conducted on a small sample, and no tests on humans have been made, also. More importantly, these scientific work was conducted with the help of a tobacco company. What do we frown. However, looking more closely, the study is far from pro tobacco. In addition, how to inhale incense differs from that of smoking.

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