The health study of the day: the festival bracelets are full of staphylococci

Throw your festival bracelet in the trash! This is the conclusion of a study conducted by a microbiologist from the University of Surrey in Britain, supported by the Dailymail . Many festival goers have got used to keep their bracelets for weeks or months. A very bad idea, according to the results of the study

. Methodology: bracelets a rock festival with a magnifying glass
The researcher examined two bracelets that were worn during the Reading Music Festival in 2013. For this, she used agar, a product that can reveal the presence of bacteria.

What the study showed 20 times more bacteria than a garment
By conducting analyzes on these bracelets, Alison Cottel The researcher behind the study, discovered that they contained a “surprising number” of bacteria: Staphylococcus about 2000 and no less than 9000 micrococci. 20 times more bacteria than on most clothing.

Although they are mostly harmless, staph can cause boils and infected cuts or abrasions, explains the researcher. If ingested, they can even cause acute food poisoning or, rarely, serious complications such as severe sepsis. ”

What the study will change: do not keep your festival bracelet
The microbiologist therefore advise festival-goers to withdraw as quickly as possible their bracelet “Anyone working in the medical field or in the restoration should. take off immediately after the festival, “she recommends.

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