The health benefits of mushrooms

A recent study conducted by researchers at the prestigious John Hopkins University in the United States, hallucinogenic mushrooms may have adverse medical and spiritual benefits in the long term.

Psilocybin, the substance found in fungi, is known for its hallucinogenic properties and to induce intense spiritual experiences, and is already studied for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). But it can also lead to “bad trip” accompanied by anxiety attacks and panic.

U.S. scientists have managed to find the right dosage to induce transcendent experiences for volunteers that have resulted in long-term psychological benefits and enabled them to find a form of inner peace without the negative effects of high dose, reports Healthland The site dedicated to the health of TIME magazine.
Roland Griffiths, professor of behavioral biology who led the work, explains:

“The important thing is that we have found the right mix that allows us to maximize the positive effects and avoid the persistent fear and anxiety that may occur and be quite disruptive.”

The study involved 18 healthy adults interested in spirituality and who participated in five sessions of drug taking eight hours. 14 months after the experiments, 94% of participants felt that the experience was one of the five richest experiences of their lives, and 39% were described as the richest. But the volunteers were not the only ones who have noticed changes: their friends, families and colleagues noted that the experience had made them calmer, kind and happy.

Griffiths and his colleagues now hope to use this kind of psychedelic experiences to try to alleviate the anxiety and fear of terminal cancer patients and others who face death.

In France, the mushrooms are classified as narcotics, and experimentation for about 6% of boys 17/18 years. The site of the Interministerial Mission for the fight against drugs and drug addiction (MILDT) describes the effect as follows:

“Even if the designation of hallucinogenic” natural “gives the consumer a sense of security, the risks are the same as LSD: anxiety attacks, loss of control, bad trips. Some varieties are high-dose active ingredient and can cause serious accidents. “

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