More than 1,000 comments on Amazon US, an average rating of 4.5 stars and enthusiastic testimonials Web readers to no end … The book The Miracle Morning Hal Elrod is an extravagant welcome! Some call him a downright “one of the best books ever written to change their lives.” In short, the author recommends that we get up very early and spend the time saved on sleep a few key activities that will lead us to success. In order: we first ten minutes of meditation is continued with physical exercises or yoga postures, it connects with short writing sessions (thoughts, quotes …) and reading and finish by formulating clear, preferably in writing, tasks and objectives of the day. According to Hal Elrod, the method is infallible. As proof, he cites the names of the big bosses – Richard Branson (Virgin), Tim Cook (CEO Apple), Howard Schulz (Starbucks CEO) and Jack Dorsey (CEO Twitter and Square) – who have risen to the top because they rise early morning and practice these rituals.

We are not equal

Dr. Daniel Neu, somnologist doctor and coordinator of the Sleep Laboratory and chronobiology unit at CHU Brugmann, puts the record straight: “The physiological sleep needs are individual variability, influenced by the phenotype, ie the visible expression of genes. Most of the adult population needs more or less 7:30 to 8:00 sleep in twenty-four hours. Besides that, there are real “small” sleepers (less than 2% of the population) who can settle for four to four and a half hours sleep and true “big” sleepers (less than 2% . of the population) who need a minimum of ten hours of sleep These are victims of a double injustice: not only do they need to sleep more but they are also less tolerant sleep deprivation If a heavy sleeper sets. to 23 hours and up to 6 am, lack of sleep will have a negative impact on his day he potentially live in a sort of fog of apathy and excessive sleepiness. ”

Moreover, we also belong to “chronotypes” with circadian preferences (morning or vesperal) potentially different. “Being in the morning” or “evening being” is somehow a real biological reality, coupled with addition of a different flexibility fitness. Some are more comfortable to adjust their biological clock to different constraints than others whose flexibility is lower. ? “Getting up early to save time why not intervene Dr. Neu On one condition, however:. We must respect the amount of sleep we need but chronic sleep deprivation will have obvious implications for health.. One can not, for example, be a small sleeper when you’re a heavy sleeper and so on, simply by changing behavior. This would equate to wanting to change the actual physical size by constantly walking on tiptoe! I want also add that in our northern countries, the lack of light can trigger sleep problems or depression of a seasonal nature. In this context, light therapy has its meaning and can help. But this is not a gadget for fun . This is a real medical treatment, which must be conducted in consultation with a doctor. It is not directed to everyone and can not be practiced any time. ”

L'avenir appartient-il à ceux qui se lèvent tôt ?

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The Miracle Morning – The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8 AM), Hal Elrod, 172 p