1. The tea comes from the tea plant

True. Tea, especially green than black, is made from dried leaves of the tea plant Camellia sinensis. In the black variant, the leaves are first fermented.

2. Herbal tea is not tea

True. This does not come from the tea plant, is not tea but an infusion of other plants such as rose hips, chamomile or mint.

3. Green tea is healthier than black tea

Myth. It is proved that black and green tea are also good for health.

4. Green tea helps to lose weight

Unfortunately, no. If the tea without sugar contains no calories, it does not help to lose weight faster.

5. Black tea contains as much caffeine as green variant

False. Black tea contains twice the caffeine than green tea, on average 40 milligrams per cup.

6. You can drink 10 cups of tea a day

True. One can consume 400 milligrams of caffeine a day without problems, which is equivalent to 10 cups of black tea or 20 cups of green tea. Provided you do not drink coffee, of course.

7. The tea does not contain caffeine

True. The tea plant contains caffeine, but not plants that herbal tea is made

8. Coffee contains 5 times more caffeine than black tea

False. An average contains twice as much caffeine as a cup of black tea medium.

9. Tea drinkers have a lower risk of getting cancer

False. Tea contains many antioxidants which are assigned many beneficial effects, but they have not yet been proved.

10. The tea can worsen intestinal disorders

True. Tea can aggravate impaired individuals with irritable bowel syndrome.