the organization of consumer protection analyzed the nitrates, pesticides, hormones and lead to ‘tap water samples from 44 locations in the country.

If nitrate is present in tap water, the amount is below the threshold of risk to public health. An overflow nitrite was found in one sample.

Pesticides were also discovered during analysis but there also lower the risk threshold amount. In the same sample, there were traces of herbicide and insecticide but without approaching the boundary not to be crossed. In another sample, too much lead was listed but it was later found that it came from the housing tap. In two other samples, the presence of hormones was detected but barely measurable quantities and therefore do not represent any health risk.

Test-Achats notes that bottled water costs 200 times more than tap water and are not healthier. “The water in some bottles may contain such minerals too.” The consumer organization adds that bottling water is a huge burden on the environment. Manufacturing and recycling of glass and plastic bottles also require a lot of raw materials and energy.