Super-moms? Station to depression!

It is not easy being a “super mom”! Women who think they can easily lead to head a professional career and family life, in fact, expose themselves to depression. This is shown by Katrina Leupp, University of Washington (Seattle). If, in her view, it seems preferable to combine a career with raising young, mothers should be aware of the difficulty of their task … especially if the father is to “conspicuously absent” …

One thousand six hundred mothers, all married and aged 40, were asked to give their opinion on several statements. Including: “A woman is happier if she can stay home with her children” or “Working mothers are increasing juvenile delinquency.” Some were active, others simply Desperate Housewives …

Result: it appears that mothers who work are less likely than depressed mothers. With the exception of “super moms” persuaded to be able to conduct their dual career without pitfalls … juggling the needs of the house and those of their working lives. For Leupp, it is mainly the fear of failure that exposes women to the risk of depression. Conversely, mothers aware that their duplication is difficult to manage feel less guilty and less printing to fail when an obstacle arises.

“The super-dads should help their halves? “Ask the authors. Undoubtedly adds Katrina Leupp. “The majority of men do not fit their working day to care for children,” she says.

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