Its initiator Alain Calmat, former French Minister and skater like to call “The Vidal sport”. This reference book allows everyone to find a sport suitable for health, even for those suffering from an illness.

No fewer than 160 professionals (doctors, coaches, …) have worked together to draft this document 265 pages, available free on the Internet. Very detailed, the “Médicosport-health” – its official name – is interested in 4 main types of pathologies

1. Metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity, …).

2. Cardiovascular disease.

3. Cancers.

4. The effects of aging.

The document is classified by sports disciplines, in alphabetical order. For each activity, it is stated that it can bring to a particular disease. The book also provides specific examples of the types of training, and all indications-cons.

For example, fencing is a recommended sport for women suffering from breast cancer, as this helps remuscler the arm on the side of the operated breast. Another example: badminton helps prevent the effects of aging, spotted Health Magazine.

This document is the basis for doctors, for the purpose of prescription assistance and referrals to a discipline that suits them. But it is also available to everyone, through this link on the site of the French Olympic Committee. Medical advice is, however, not to overlook before embarking alone.