Soft hands to caress

Oh, how delicate, our hands are particularly vulnerable to attacks. Preserve their sweetness despite the cold and the sun – depending on the season – or protect household items and other Poulles is therefore a challenge. A few tips and tricks at all times, keep hands soft and silky …

Constantly exposed to assaults and even shock, our hands are more fragile by nature. “The back section contains few sebaceous glands and there is even any in the palm, which has only sweat glands,” says Dr. Miriam Cohen in his book all about your beauty products. “This small amount of sebum does not allow the skin to be protective enough.”

Before using various creams and other gels or lotions, some common sense advice will enable you to limit the natural drying of your hands, and to slow aging. It is often simple. So buckle up:
– A always wear gloves when doing dishes or using household products. With the exception of organic cleaners, (and again …) they are generally very irritating;
– Wash your hands with soap moisturizer. Read the labels;
– Not to neglect the tips of our grandmothers. By late afternoon, soak your hands in a few minutes of hot water with honey or rub them with a mixture of lemon pulp and sugar. Rinse thoroughly and found … enjoy their softness.

Are you an enthusiast for using hand creams? Choose a product that is rapidly absorbed and does not stick …. After the summer you can enjoy a beauty treatment type scrub before applying a moisturizer. It also recommends that Miriam Cohen.

Aloe, fruit acids, seaweed, peanuts, oats, chamomile, wheat germ, beeswax … active ingredients abound. Without forget the “qualities” put forward by brands: protective, moisturizing, regenerating, nourishing, anti-cold and very young … of course! In all cases, please seek advice from a sales specialist or a girlfriend … conquered by a particular cream.

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