Two professors from Bath University in the UK studied the effects of taking breakfast and published their results on the Conversation.

Did I eat more because I skip breakfast?

They say that skipping breakfast incentive to eat at noon, but laboratory experiments and studies show that more realistic to skip the first meal of the day involves just a lower consumption of calories. People who do not take breakfast are more hungry in the morning, at noon compensate a little, but do not eat too much during the day.

-boost he Breakfast my metabolism?

The absorption of food triggers a series of biological processes related to digestion and storage of foodstuffs, resulting in higher energy consumption. So the breakfast indeed boosts metabolism. However, there is no digestion that operates metabolism. A new study reveals that participants who take breakfast consume more energy through physical activity than those who skip breakfast. It is therefore possible that people who renounce breakfast feel less energetic and without realizing it they limit their physical activity.

To ignore the fact it breakfast you fat?

To skip the breakfast is usually associated with weight gain, which is not necessarily the consequence of an existence without breakfast. It is possible that breakfast is part of healthy life and in itself it does not protect against obesity. There is no evidence that skipping the first meal of the day leads to weight gain.

Should we take one or not breakfast?

Traditional theories suggest that breakfast is the main meal of the day. But current scientific research indicates that we know. Anyway, no meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner “could be called” the main meal of the day. ”

The importance of breakfast is highly dependent from one person to another and personal goals. in terms of weight loss, there is little data to say that the breakfast will make the difference. But if you look at the other indicators of healthy lifestyle, exercise more and control their blood sugar levels, then it is shown that breakfast can help. (TE)