Knowing that 80% of individuals suffer sooner or later from back pain, it is essential to know how to distinguish between myths and their veracity. Topo.

Always sit up straight

Even if your parents have been constantly harping on you when you were a child, made to stand straight only accentuates backache.

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It is not recommended slouch day long. The solution: find a middle ground, take breaks during the day or, better yet, try to work up. Several alternatives to conventional office chair, as the ball is now in the process to get a place in the workplace.

do not lift heavy weights

? this is not so much the weight lifted that matters, but the method you use to do it. Try standing in front of the object to be lifted, then squat down, without bending or twisting your body.

Skip the day in bed

This is a myth … you are of course entitled to take a day off if you have suffered an accident or have suffered injuries. By cons, if this is not the case, it may be that the days spent in bed aggravate the situation.

The back pain inevitably comes to an injury

This is false. Disc degeneration, poor posture, certain other diseases or infections can also cause back pain.

The more one is heavier, it hurts

the excess weight exert indeed extra pressure on the back, which accentuates the pain. Back pain is actually much more common in overweight individuals.

The thinness is synonymous with absence of pain

N ‘anyone can be susceptible to pain. Being thin does not therefore sets you free from the inconvenience. Moreover, individuals with anorexia are more susceptible to bone loss. So they are more likely to have fractures or compacted vertebrae.

the sport is bad when you have back pain

This is actually just the opposite! Be physically active on a regular basis helps prevent pain. In addition, doctors may recommend a series of exercises to try to overcome.

Making chiropractic can improve pain

Often confused with physiotherapy or osteopathy , chiropractic (very popular in the US) may have beneficial effects on your back pain. It relies mainly on manipulation of the spine as well as mobilization of the joints.

Acupuncture is a good way to relieve sore

acupuncture, yoga and cognitive behavioral therapy are good alternatives to traditional treatments when they do not give résultats.


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Un firm mattress will soothe your back

This is not entirely true. In a Spanish study, individuals suffering from back pain and who slept on medium-firm mattress would have suffered less back and slept better than those who had spent the night on a very firm mattress. It does not, however, is a general rule. It is best to choose a mattress based on their sleep habits as well as his back problems.