Scientists developed a way to “neutralize” french fries

Researchers from Norway have developed a way to “neutralize” french fries, which received the glory of an unsafe product because of the formation of oil in the frying harmful carcinogen – acrylamide. And to do so may lactic acid bacteria: they remove the sugar from the surface of potato fried in oil products.

“Plus, the bacteria help to extend the shelf life of products, improve their taste and nutritional composition,” – says the Research Institute of Food “Nofima” Hans Blum. In 2002 a group of researchers at Stockholm University has established the presence of acrylamide in fried foods, it has become an international sensation. The main culprit was named a high temperature, which for grilling or deep-fried crust gives containing harmful substances. Norwegians conducted tests have shown that the presence of potato in the container with lactic acid bacteria for 10-15 minutes, significantly reducing levels of acrylamide. According to the developers, their method makes it possible to get rid of 90% acrylamide, potato products, prepared in an industrial environment, and make them almost completely safe.

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