Salt: baby’s overdose

According to a British study, 70% of infants 8 months would receive excessive salt intake! Involved in the industrial food preparation cow’s milk and the bread.

A team from Bristol University observed the eating habits of 1,200 children aged 8 months. They found that parents were beginning to introduce solid foods at the age of 3 months! Now remember, food diversification should begin until the fifth month.

The dietary salt intakes in these children – difficult to speak of “consumption” because of their passivity in this respect-were found to be unacceptably high. Seven infants out of ten were beyond the recommendations attached to 400mg per day. Some even double as absorbed. These three were eating more bread than children in the group where salt intake was lowest.

Drs Pauline Emmett and Vicky Cribb, the origin of this work, also found that these infants were fed cow’s milk. Which contains 55mg of sodium chloride per 100 g instead of 15 mg/100 g in breast milk … Here is a thought-provoking work. In fact too much salt, can affect the proper development of the renal system but also induce a true addiction.

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