Punishment for diabetics who do not follow their diet

The Hungarian government decided to penalize people with diabetes who do not follow their diet by denying them access to better treatments.

The government seeks to reduce its spending on health.

In a ministerial decree issued in April 2012 in the Official Journal, diabetics will undergo a quarterly to a specific blood test to monitor their carbohydrate intake.

If patients are caught out twice, and that their blood glucose levels increased beyond the level authorized in the decree, patients will no longer be entitled to receive the most effective treatments and will have to settle therapies less effective. Thus, they no longer have access to insulin analogue, but with that developed from human insulin, which causes more side effects.

They will also pay more for their drugs, because the state will reduce its contribution.

“For diabetics subject to intensive treatment, the drug’s use is financially justifiable in the long term if the glucose concentration remains consistent with the values​​, stipulated by the decree,” we read in the text published in the Official .

The new regulations come into force on 1 July 2012. Minors and patients with the most severe form of diabetes,  will be exempt from compliance.

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