Thus, it is important to remind the public that this disease is not contagious and that contact with the people therefore has no particular danger, the association communicates Monday. It is generally estimated that about 3% of the Belgian population are affected or 300,000 people.

Planche clinique datant du XIXe siècle représentant un individu atteint de psoriasis

clinic board dating from the nineteenth century representing an individual with psoriasis © Wikicommons

Psoriasis is a skin disease which usually occurs by plates or reddish patches covered with scales, which may cause severe itching. She has a genetic origin but does not predict the occurrence or severity of the disease: many people are genetically predisposed to develop, but its appearance and its variations over time, with periods well more difficult than others, depend on many factors such as stress, climate, some infections, hormones, etc.

This is not a recent illness related to our modern lifestyle, said the “Liga Psoriasis” Flemish side. Similarly, there is no question of “dirt” flaking is caused by too rapid turnover of skin cells. The disease, autoimmune causes the accelerated growth of skin cells, which accumulate and thicken the epidermis. At its surface, the immature cells agglutinate and form scales.

Treatments exist, which “cure” but not address the symptoms of the disease. These can be particularly disabling, since in addition to being annoying and sometimes painful, they are visible to all and sometimes provoke disgust in others, emphasize the different patient groups.

Fortunately, “treatments have evolved,” said Dany Mathieu, Psoriasis contact-President, who is organizing a conference on the subject, October 29 evening at the Espace 1180 in Uccle. More and more of the so called “biologicals” biotechnology, are particularly developed. “They can avoid the appearance of plaques,” said Dany Mathieu. “They are paid by the mutual, but reserved for severely or moderately affected persons who do not respond to other treatments.” These biological treatments act directly on the immune system.

Besides these newer drugs, “topical (for acting via a local application, Ed) will also improve and become more comfortable for the patient,” says Dany Mathieu. “Creams are now leaner and feel nothing,” for example.

October 29 from 10:00 to 18:00, information stands for the public will be installed on the sites of Chirec hospitals and Braine-Saint-Luc (Dermatology Service ) in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert says Psoriasis-touch.