Pregnancy During Hot Summer Tips

As the cold weather, the summer heat can make life difficult for many pregnant women. It’s hot, humid; the sun beats down and breathes sometimes lack a little. Are you concerned? Here are some tips for weathering smoothly.

Stay hydrated. In “normal” – beyond the period of hot weather – it is recommended that pregnant women drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. In the summer, increase the contribution. Depending on the weather, you may need to quantities of water much higher: up to three liters.

You simply avoid drinking water that is too cold to save your digestive tract. Drink water at 18 ° C. If more than 25 ° C, it will seem deliciously fresh. Do not forget that the fruits (melons, nectarines, apricots …) and vegetables (asparagus, carrots, zucchini …) are an excellent source of water! What’s more, they bring quantities of vitamins.

Seek shade. It is a simple matter of common sense, of course: in the heat of the day, stay in the shade and cool. Do you require a daily nap? And when you go out – or even at home – prefer loose clothing. Course apply sun cream to the face and body parts exposed to ultraviolet light. Do not forget your wide-brimmed hat and why not, an umbrella.

Against the legs … exacerbated by heat, heavy legs due to impaired blood flow. Avoid course, prolonged standing, and prefer to rest the legs elevated. At night, place a pillow under the mattress, or bricks under the pads in front of your bed. Do not hesitate to move your feet and legs in a very cool shower. And of course, there are many products (creams, tablets or solutions) against heavy legs. Ask your pharmacist for advice.

… Take a few utensils useful example for women in hot countries like Spain or Portugal. Like them, please have a range that you keep constantly and an atomizer. One last point, if your house is not equipped with air conditioning, hang – suspend or make – a wet cloth in front of your window on the outside. At the slightest breath of wind, you will provide a gentle freshness.


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