Perforation of the eardrum: operate without hospital

Operate a perforated eardrum in 20 minutes, against more than an hour now. With the development of a technique “revolutionary” Dr. Issam Saliba, ENT surgeon at the CHU Sainte-Justine in Montreal (Province of Quebec) has made this intervention “high speed”.

“A scalpel, forceps and a peak, a record of hyaluronic acid, a small collection of fat behind the ear and a local anesthetic.” That is all that is necessary for a surgeon, otolaryngologist (ENT) to repair a perforated eardrum using the technique of Dr. Issam Saliba. Called “HAFGM” for Hyaluronic Acid Fat Graft Myringoplasty, this procedure is performed using a microscope inserted into the ear canal.

Between 2005 and 2009, Dr. Saliba conducted a study of 208 children and adolescents, 73 were operated on using this new technique. Result: 87% success rate. A level comparable to that offered by traditional techniques. This surgery thus appears as effective. It has the advantage of being much faster, with a recovery time much shorter!

The patient recovers fully in effect hearing about two months after the operation .. Moreover, the risk of ear infections, especially after swimming and showering, is significantly decreased. These benefits are even more interesting that “ear infections are the major providers of permanent tympanic perforation, long before the post-traumatic perforations,” explains Dr. Jean-Marc Juvanon, the French Society of ENT.

Operation without hospitalization

“No matter the size of the perforation, the results are as good as with traditional techniques, with the unique advantage that parents no longer have to waste a full day of work, and that children do not have to missed ten days of school either, “says Dr. Saliba. Outpatient therefore, the operation is performed under local anesthesia and without hospitalization the patient.

Traditionally, these surgeries are performed using techniques that require hospitalization for at least a day and a stop 10 to 15 days.

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