The controversy surrounding calcium, dairy products, mineral waters and drugs’ anti-osteoporosis “sow confusion in postmenopausal women. In his latest book, Dr. Jean-Pierre Poinsignon, independent rheumatologist based in Grenoble, intends to show that the osteoporosis prevention strategy is inefficient and costly.

  Is Osteoporosis a disease?

Jean-Pierre Poinsignon: When done skiing or when climbing on a stool, there is a risk of fracturing a bone: it does not transform practice skiing or a rose on a stool in disease. Most members of the medical profession, the legal pretext of preventing fractures confused, in good faith, a disease with a risk. It should nevertheless get to the obvious: the technical and statistical detect medicine does not know, in advance, the women who will settle a vertebra to break 65 or femoral neck at 80 years. Bone density measured by a device is not a true reflection of bone strength, at the time of the review and even six months or a year after the review. The densitometer measuring a comparative manner and statistical loss of bone mineral filler, without giving the status of the bone microarchitecture which is the second important factor of bone strength. Osteoporosis therefore seems that the signs of aging of the bone. It is abusive medically to transform the “common osteoporosis involution”, its most common form, illness … but this is very lucrative. The risk of bone fracture is scientifically correlated with the risk of falling. Fight against the fall of factors now seems more effective than all antiosteoporotic drugs, characterized by their broken promises.

What causes osteoporosis?

simply the result a poor physical hygiene, throughout his life, based on the modern sedentary lifestyle of the western world and the too acidifying diet with excess meat in rich countries, mutated cereals and dairy animal products. Geography and epidemiology of this tendency to lose too quickly skeleton bone mass is superimposed on the West (the United States of North America, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand) and lifestyle .

The radius of prevention, what do you suggest?

Do not accelerate bone aging by having a healthy lifestyle throughout his life and not simply when old age begins or menopause … The lifestyle includes a healthy gesture with minimal physical activity, since walking is the natural mode of travel of man and a diet adapted to the human genetics forged the Palaeolithic and not according to feeding these last hundred years. I therefore propose the ancestral diet “organic” with lots of vegetables, less meat and cereals, the total eviction of dairy products and low temperatures baking the sweet steam.

And the calcium in Milk?

The calcium in cow’s milk is for the calf, exclusively … As growth hormones contained in milk cow, just like cow’s milk immunoglobulins intended for calves to fight against bovine diseases. I argue that we must do away with animal milk to humans … at all.

Osteoporosis – Myth or Reality , Jean-Pierre Poinsignon, Editions du Rocher, 308 p