Nettle is great.Its all around

Nettle is a bit medicinal plants. The leaves, stem, roots … Only the flower heads do not seem to hold the interest of herbalists. Hairdressers are interested for their ability; it seems, to fight against hair loss!

The leaves and roots are rich in minerals, vitamins and flavonoids. Diuretics, they would also have hemostatic properties. Rich in tannin, the roots would finally benefit against disorders of the blood count and certain forms of anemia.

Everyone has noticed by passing near a clump of nettles that leaves also contain large amounts of histamine and acetylcholine, substances that cause “pitting” of nettles! It is their presence too, which explains the many other properties attributed to it: cholagogue-promoting the elimination of bile, anti-rheumatic and gout because of the minerals it is very rich. The stinging nettle is also remineralizing and restorative. It is therefore recommended as a decoction in all states of fatigue, anemia, gout and rheumatic diseases such as rheumatism or arthritis.

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