The holidays are often synonymous hearty meal. So difficult, not to succumb to the charms of the many recipes can be found everywhere on the web. In addition, this holiday season, we can hardly say no to a family meal or with friends. Here are some tips to soothe your digestive system under strain.

In case of heartburn, start the day with a glass of water . This will dilute the acid in the stomach. The squeezed lemon juice , is also an excellent ally before breakfast. Then you can eat vegetable juice, such as carrots, cucumbers or beets.

If you fancy a cup of coffee, know that this is not a solution, since it seeks liver, enough already busy digesting your culinary excesses.

However, this may improve bloating and discomfort without damaging your liver, is the consumption of teas and herbal detox.

Detox Tea: steep a bag of green tea. Throw in a pinch of cinnamon, some ginger and half a lemon squeezed. Stir them together and drink hot mixture.

In case of indigestion accompanied by vomiting, you can pour a few drops of mint essential oil in a spoon a tablespoon of honey and let everything dissolve in the mouth. You can repeat up to three times a day. Be careful, however, this method is not suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers, to patients epillépsie or children under 6 years.

Tea improving digestion : Put two teaspoons of mint and half a teaspoon of lemon balm in a cup of boiling water. Then add some of the essential oil of lemon and honey. You can consume this preparation after every meal.

Cumin and aniseed Green are very effective in cases of colic and abdominal cramps.

In tea These two plants in particular improve the heartburn feeling. To do this, simply pour 250 ml of boiling water over one teaspoon cumin mixture and anise. Everything is drunk warm without sugar.

In powder or root, the Ginger is a great ally in the prevention of vomiting, nausea and bloating.

The Wort protects the lining of the stomach and helps the proper functioning of the digestive system. By stimulating the secretion of bile and its drainage, St. John’s wort supports liver function. The tea wort has antispastic effect that calms abdominal cramps.