The message of the MEPs responsible for the environment will have to be confirmed in plenary session later this month, but it puts a chill on the initial Commission proposal European.

This provides that the 28 EU Member States can choose whether to prohibit on its territory the sale and use of food or feed of GMOs approved by containers EU (as in beets, soybeans, corn).

This proposal is in line with legislation in force since April, leaving the choice to Member States to refuse the culture of GMO eight EU approved or pending approval. No fewer than 19 member states have indicated their intention to ban GM crop on part or all of their territory, a faculty which has used the Walloon region in Belgium.

The members of the Environment Committee MEPs were unanimous in rejecting this principle “a la carte” for the presence of GMOs in food because they have adopted a negative opinion on the legislative proposal by 47 votes in favor, 3 against and 5 abstentions. Elected officials are concerned that this principle fragmenting the internal market.

For Belgian MEP Ivo Belet (CD & V), Member of the implied parliamentary committee, it is therefore not “nationalize” the decisions on GMOs at the risk of creating a “patchwork of national derogations”. “Both the public health and scientific research would benefit from clear rules applicable throughout the EU,” he says.