Greenpeace, whose struggle against hazardous chemicals in clothing is a workhorse for many years, performed the last month tests of 40 products of different brands, and purchased in 19 different countries. Except for two jackets – one of Vaude and Jack Wolfskin – a backpack of the Haglöfs brand and a pair of gloves from The North Face, all components contain perfluorocarbons (PFC), a statement of the German antenna long.

Even if some manufacturers have begun to reduce the use of these “is still widespread,” laments Greenpeace, and particularly “in the production of shoes, pants, sleeping bags and some jackets “.

Perfluorinated compounds are chemical polymers used for their heat resistance, impermeability and their ability to repel dust. Very persistent in the environment, they are present in many objects of everyday life, be it non-stick pans, anti-stain products or in some food packaging.

Extremely tough, they spread in the environment, and traces of PFCs were found for example in the liver of polar bears, Greenpeace advance. They are also harmful to human health. Greenpeace demands therefore the ban “for all outdoor products of all PFC”.