Also developed a treatment, the initial results were positive. This disease, known in Belgium, France and England for decades, can be transmitted across generations.

The researchers Adrian Liston (VIB / KU Leuven) and Carine Wouters (UZ Leuven / KULeuven) the disease in question is caused by MEFV mutation. The body reacts as if he were in the presence of a bacterial infection of the skin. To treat this condition, researchers have demonstrated the beneficial role of anakinra, also used to treat artrite. The initial results were positive. The lesions of the skin of a patient, like fever and pain, quickly disappeared. A larger test is being conducted on other patients in Flanders in order to prove the effectiveness of treatment. Adrian Liston, research on rare diseases is bearing fruit. “We heal each month of patients suffering from diseases that we could never treat it a few years ago,” he says. A disease is considered rare when it affects less than one in 2,000. In Belgium, about 700,000 patients are suffering and are often clueless about the challenges they imply, as the misdiagnosis or failure to pay for new treatments.