Recently, five Chinese were arrested by the police at the airport Roissy (Paris). They are suspected of having committed several robberies in recent weeks. To intimidate victims or knife or gun, but a drug whose composition is very close to the “breath of the devil”, reveal several French newspapers, as Ouest-France.

The effects of the pharmacological substance called “scopolamine” are challenging: to erase the memory and suspension of free. A few tenths of a milligram is enough to put the victim in a state of submission.

A drug that “zombified” victim

More specifically, the “dragon’s breath” is a mixture of scopolamine and atropine.

“In high doses, scopolamine causes severe delusional hallucinations, loss of control and amnesia. Atropine increases effects of scopolamine. Swallow however these substances do not prevent preserve motor function. In other words, the user is like “zombified” “, explains Jean-Louis Montastruc, professor of medical pharmacology in Toulouse and member of the Academy of Medicine, told Science et Avenir.

These two substances with very low therapeutic dose, are sometimes used separately in the composition of medicines. But the mixture gives a very dangerous cocktail, causing hallucinations and even temporary amnesia says Sciences et Avenir.

In 2012, the Vice magazine had devoted a video report in Colombia of the drug, calling it ” the most dangerous drug in the world. ”