At rest, the human body uses about 1 kcal kilogram of body weight per hour. In other words, a person weighing 65 kg burns about 65 kcal per hour without doing anything, just to allow the body to ensure the vital functions. In the cold, the energy consumption increases to approximately 5-6 kcal per kilogram per hour (1-2). Our person of 65 kg and burn kcal 325-390 per hour. This is slightly more than during a long walk, but much less than during a jog, which multiplies the resting energy expenditure by 8 to 18.

And it is not because you play sports in the polar cold that you will earn effects; you just run more risk. Including accident, because the cold prevents it from moving almost normally.

Some argue that reducing the temperature of the thermostat a few degrees or face a cool temperature for a long period would help burn more calories, but no evidence to support this hypothesis. (3)

If you want to lose weight by staying at home almost naked, in the cold, or rather advise you to get dressed and go for a walk: it will certainly be more enjoyable!

References: 1. Frontiers in Bioscience. 2010; 2: 1155-1168