Our body has to be able to rest every day. Scientists estimate that ideally must sleep seven to nine hours per night. If you just under seven hours, creates a sort of “sleep debt,” according to the website The Greatist. If this debt accumulates due to a recurrent lack of sleep, it becomes increasingly difficult to feel rested.

An acute lack of sleep for a few days is easy to solve. On weekends, lie three to four hours earlier and you will begin the week rested.

However, a study on “the cumulative cost of sleep deprivation” shows that when one sleeps only six hours a night for two weeks straight, we suffered many consequences. Thus, the physical and mental abilities decline, and are even comparable to the capacity of someone who spent two sleepless nights.

Although their operation suffered, no participant in the study was that it was in bad shape. The examinees considered the “fog” in their head as normal.

A tip so do not delay too long your “catch” these hours of sleep. Because the longer you wait longer, the consequences will be severe. (AB)