1. Why do we not lose kilos doing more sport

SCHEIRLYNCK: metabolism adapts to the activity more high. Doing sports, the body will burn more calories and therefore require more feed. It must be able to withstand the temptations and follow a nutritional plan tailored to avoid this.

2. In theory, one can lose weight by more sport?

Yes, but it’s not easy. The person who never made before sports will even gain weight early in his sport because muscle weighs more than fat. I advise beginners to focus their attention on a percentage of healthy fat, not weight loss.

3. Athletes love to reward themselves after exercise. How to avoid rushing on cookies?

must actually eat a snack after practicing a sport, because the body has made a physical effort and muscles need to repair themselves. Dairy products are a good choice because they help the muscles heal while providing their sugar. However, it does not exaggerate in their consumption: eating 5 yoghurt pots, it certainly takes more than the calories burned by having played sports.

4. If one eats fewer calories after exercise, we can lose a lot of weight?

Yes, but what kind of diet does not nourish a man. There are people who suddenly only eat soup and salad and combine it with a fitness program that they exceed their limits. They then quickly see results in their weight loss, but it does not last long. Losing weight is ideally slowly. By eating 200 fewer calories than what the body needs daily. This represents only two slices. These efforts are realistic and are losing weight over the long term.

5 If it does not lose weight, why still play sports?

Playing sports is very healthy, even if you do not lose weight. Physical activity protects against heart disease and improves mental balance. There is no better remedy against depression and burn out than to go running regularly.