In China, employees of a bank must ask permission to make a child

Ladies, it’s the boss who decides, even when it comes to your uterus. In substance what was declared a municipal bank of Jiaozuo in Henan Province of China, issuing a circular requiring its employees to ask permission to get pregnant.

According to this document, which was circulated in Mass on Friday Chinese social networks, “only married employees working for more than a year in business can enroll in the schedule to have a child.” Of course, this directive is to be observed to the letter. It is stated that employees who dare disobey would be punished by a fine of 1,000 yuan (148 euros) and could say goodbye to any hope of promotion as well as year-end bonuses.

one-child policy

A birth plan that created controversy in the Chinese web weekend. Interviewed by the local newspaper Dahe Daily, the company’s management has proved much embarrassed. It justified his remarks by referring to a recent major wave of youth hires employees, he would certainly be against-productive they all decide to procreate at the same time.

Moreover, she added that this Circular is nothing but a draft and should be reworked if employed there find fault. That should reassure working women, who face even today to the one-child policy, certainly relaxed but still in force since 1979 in China.


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