The researchers found that runners who reach this number of kilometers are thinner and less risk of becoming obese than their peers who are less or not at all. In addition, participants who ran over 8 kilometers per week were less susceptible to hypertension, cholesterol problems, diabetes, stroke, certain cancers and osteoarthritis than others.

The bad news is that if one wants to lose weight without changing your eating habits, you have to run a little. It’s the same for people who want to improve their performance.

However, scientists advise not run more than one hour a day under penalty of increased risk of heart problems and injuries. Asked by the New York Times, Dr. Carl J. Lavie, medical director of the rehabilitation department at the Ochsner Heart Prevention Medical Center in New Orleans and lead author of the study, estimated that for most people, the The ideal is to run between 20 and 30 minutes, 2.5 5 kilometers twice a week.