After a drunken night, are you similar to writer Ernest Hemingway who keeps head on his shoulders which one sees only that he has a drink in the nose. Or Mary Poppins, joyful, pleasant company and reasonable throughout the evening?

The Nutty Professor (The Nutty Professor), he is quite introverted, but gradually loose and may even be a few indiscretions. And finally, Mr Hyde is the alcoholic who becomes less fun and more unconscious as and when swallowed glasses.

Most studies on the effects of alcohol are concerned with motor impairments of drunk people, much less on changing their personality. This is why Rachel Winograd, a researcher from the University of Missouri, wanted to establish these four distinct profiles among drunk people, reports the BBC.

After inviting a hundred students together from a friend who abused alcohol in his laboratory, the researcher has submitted a detailed questionnaire of their personality on the way they perceive themselves and their friends when they were sober then drunk. From there, it analyzed the character changes as being outgoing or being good company to establish these four distinct types, it has appointed inspired by icons of popular culture .

Most people can be compared to Ernest Hemingway, while only 15% of respondents are for Mary Poppins.

During his experiment, the researcher noticed that people sometimes struggled to properly assess their condition when they were drinking, compared with what their friends thought of them. Personality traits can also be changed depending on the situation. A person may well turn out to be The Nutty Professor and Mr. Hyde the following evening.

The BBC website offers a test to know your personality type after consuming more alcohol than usual.

This test purely recreational. He has no scientific value and therefore should not be taken as an assessment of consumption habits .