High stress during pregnancy

The books for moms agree: it is imperative to try to reduce stress during pregnancy.

“To disrupt a pregnancy, the stress level must be extreme, says Dr. Ari Brown, pediatrician and co-author the book entitled Expecting 411. By extreme stress means a divorce, the death of a family member, major financial difficulties and the destruction of home by fire. There is no reason to worry about stress at work or one that is associated with family life most of us suffer every day. ”

“We manage all different stressful situations, she says. For example, it would surely be stressful for any pregnant woman to bear the emotional infidelity of her husband, both privately and publicly. ”

“From a medical point of view, we know that extreme stress during pregnancy can cause premature birth and low weight at birth. It even seems that it can cause miscarriage. ”

According to a 2008 study, there would be a link between maternal stress and schizophrenia that may occur later in the child’s life.

“Stress increases the production of a hormone called cortisol. Currently, studies are trying to determine if it is linked to miscarriages, premature births and adverse outcomes of pregnancy, “says Dr. Brown.

The moral of this story is (and not need a medical study to prove it): dads, do not deceive your spouse!

Stress Management

Do you suffer from stress during pregnancy? Try these tips, some from the book Expecting 411.

– Remember that the situations that you were able to cope now you can seem oppressive because your hormone levels are high.

– Try activities that usually decrease the level of stress, including yoga and meditation, and treat yourself to acupuncture treatments.

– Read a book on pregnancy and reliable or call your doctor for suggestions.

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