A widespread belief

The new study reveals that people in poor health are more likely to be unhappy, but this is due to the disease from which they suffer. Scientists have found no evidence that stress or unhappiness exercise any impact on the service life. Researchers estimate that the widespread belief that stress harms is due to studies that confuse cause and effect.

“The disease makes it unfortunate, but be miserable in itself does not make sick” explains lead author of the study, Bette Liu of the University of New South Wales in Australia. However, if stress makes you adopt behaviors to the destructive effects, it can be harmful. If you smoke, eat poorly or do not do enough exercise because you’re stressed, you may still die prematurely.

Smurfs grumpy

Participants of the study were those less fortunate who smoked, were not enough sport and had no partner. Women who suffer from health problems also indicated that they were unhappy, tense and they had difficulty controlling himself.

“This is good news for grumpy schtroumpfs” said Richard Peto, co-author of the study and professor at the University of Oxford. “Now they can stop complaining that they are trying to kill himself.”

The study is important because there are people who feel guilty of being sick and mistakenly think that a positive attitude could have saved them. “Nothing can be done if you get sick, but the disease can make unfortunate” the researchers conclude. (TE)