Grapes and soybeans against hypertension

Consuming grapes and soybeans would be a good way to control and reduce hypertension, according to two recent U.S. studies disclosed as part of the annual convention of the American College of Cardiology in Chicago.

The first research focused on 46 participants, half of the grapes consumed three times a day. The control group ate cookies or snacks containing no fruit or vegetables. The researchers found a significant decrease of -4.8% to -7.2% in systolic pressure of eating grapes.

“Our study shows that if you have a choice between eating grapes or biscuits, it is better to choose grapes, including lowering blood pressure,” said Harold Bays, lead author of the research.

Researchers but also wondered about the reasons for this beneficial effect. They point to antioxidants and potassium content in the grapes, potassium is known to lower the tension.

The second study involved over 5,100 people and examined the effect of isoflavones, substances similar to human estrogens, including soy is particularly rich. Isoflavones promote the production of nitric oxide, a substance known to dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

During the study, researchers found that those who consumed the most soy every day (more than 2.5 mg) had a systolic blood pressure lower than the people who took less than 0.33 mg.

“Just drinking a daily glass of soy milk, which contains 22 mg of isoflavones,” said Safiya Richardson, lead author of the study.

Hypertension cause annually about 8 million deaths worldwide.

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