Government Plans to Close Healthcare Gap In Minorities

The government is releasing a plan to significantly improve the medical care and health of minority groups. These populations are more likely to have poorer health than white Americans. Less access to quality and affordable health care is also a major factor.

Dental care, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, high infant mortality rates, and kidney disease are just some of the health issues to be addressed in the upcoming plans. Health and Human Services plans to pay for these projects with money already available. It will need a lot of support from each state and their own health organisations as well which may be difficult. With state budgets minimal at best, getting them to help will be tough. Dr. Paul Jarris, who is the executive director of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, states, “we’ll never be a healthy nation unless we address these inequities.”

To create a healthier country, many changes must be made. Increased physical exercise, consuming more fruits and vegetables, and getting regular medical care are all on the agenda. Some other plans Health and Human Services want to implement are: providing preventative dental care to young children, improving the quality of care received by providing incentives, bridging language gaps by creating a database of interpreters, using community health workers to reach out to Spanish-speakers & diabetics to direct them to health care programs, and beginning studies on better ways to treat diseases such as asthma, heart disease, and diabetes which affect the minority population greatly.


Angelica Bee

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