For the next generation of retirees, the question that arises is this: how much benefit from his pension? Indeed, future generations will live longer and therefore spend more time in retirement. It is therefore necessary to take advantage of these years, reports The Wall Street Journal

The technology seems to be the answer to many problems. Future retirees will have a multitude of technological advances available to them to improve their daily lives. These technologies will help, inter alia, to communicate. Many appliances will be connected to the Internet. This will allow new markets to develop.

Continue to work

The retreat was previously the line demarcating the work of the rest at home. Currently, if a career is over, the work is not provided. Retirees want to continue working. New technologies allow to offer unprecedented flexibility and options. With smartphones and tablets, pensioners can be productive remotely. Courses online also allow those who wish to learn new skills to stay competitive.

Staying connected with family and friends

Most people are primarily concerned with their physical health as they begin to age. Yet the well-being is linked to the possibility of maintaining a social life. Keeping in touch with family and friends can stay in shape and not to feel lonely. Applications like Skype already possible to preserve these links. New applications are emerging to improve the lives of retirees. For example, a dating site for over 50 years or connected glasses.

Mobile Staying

Staying independent is crucial for quality of life. Research has shown that reducing mobility would lead to a decline in physical and mental well-being. Again, technology is the solution. Technologies such as collision avoidance systems would allow seniors to continue driving sour way. And who knows, later cars will roll perhaps even without a driver. Google and Apple are working hard.

Taking care of the house

Having to take care of his house can be stressful for pensioners. Many feel they are wasting their time. There are already systems that control the basic functions of the house. Like smart thermostats or monitoring systems. Other applications will later pensioners, for example, an inventory of the contents of their fridge and discard expired food on time. Devices company will also provide retirees with mental problems or isolation.

Check Health

As people get older, they face an imperceptible decline. Many applications and devices are emerging to help older people to monitor their health and to call for help if needed. In the future, applications will record the physical data to transmit to his doctor. Clothes, too, will become more and more sophisticated. They will detect certain abnormalities such as an attack. Robots in future could also replace home care nurses.


Clearly, the potential of all these new technologies is huge. However, they pose questions. First, these technologies are expensive and everyone can not afford them. Second, some institutions will question their support of the elderly. Finally, technology alone can not solve all problems. Although these applications are powerful, they can never replace the human touch.