Fruits and vegetables: handle them with care!

In nature, fruits and vegetables do not contain bacteria, viruses or parasites. However, they may be contaminated during cultivation or after harvest…. For example, if not properly handled, stored or transported. Quick reminder of some basic common sense to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Separate the food. Contact with meat, poultry or seafood may cause contamination. Separate therefore your fruits and vegetables from other foods. And this while you shop … but in your refrigerator.

Cleaning instructions. When preparing them, wash all fruits and vegetables under a gentle stream of cool water. Do not let them soak in a sink full of water because it may itself contain bacteria that could contaminate them.

All cool! Besides fruits and vegetables you want to ripen, such as lawyers, you should store all the other cool to a temperature at or below 4 ° C. Finally never leave them at room temperature over two hours.


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