In Brussels, there is one dentist for 1110 inhabitants, while in the arrondissement of Mouscron, the 33 dentists each active 2489 potential patients. Between these extremes, many parts of Flanders and Wallonia live well with a dentist to 1500-1600 inhabitants.

For cons, the shortage of pockets are emerging all over the country, not just in rural areas: in Neufchâteau, Virton, Dinant, Tournai, Soignies, Philippeville, Arlon, Mons, Charleroi and Mouscron, better to go ahead to win a visit, explains the daily.

While in Brussels, one can get an appointment within days scarcity in regions requires a , two, sometimes three months to obtain.

The dental company therefore calls for the establishment of a plan Impulseo model of medicine where premiums are granted favorable loans to general who agree to install shortage area.