“The overweight people do not have a slower metabolism Overweight people. have larger organs that consume each, more energy. ”

Muscles consume about three times more energy than fat, but the cells of our other organs are still more energy. People who are overweight have bigger bodies and more generally for cells to operate, compared to a thinner person. This means that their overall energy consumption is greater. Source: Journal of Nutritional Sciences

“Having large buttocks is not necessarily healthier that having a big belly”

Before, scientists felt it was better for health to present a silhouette pear shaped than apple-shaped silhouette. New studies now argue the opposite. If you tend to accumulate fat in the abdomen, you have an apple-shaped profile. If your figure is more like a pear, your curves are located in the lower part of the body, on the hips, buttocks and thighs. Previously, physicians believed that apple-shaped profiles were more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Their secret abdominal fat in effect of chemical substances favoring inflammation, increasing blood pressure and causing insulin resistance. Instead, the fat located in buttocks was deemed as relatively without adverse health effects. New University of California studies contradict these theories. They argue that the so-called “fat buttocks” also broadcasts bad substances to health. In other words, regardless of the silhouette, apple or pear, better to avoid the concentration of fat in those parts of the body. Source: University of California, Davis

“The” breasts “men do not exclusively consist of fat, estrogen sursimulation can grow skin their chest. “

Gynecomastia is the excessive development of the mammary glands in humans. This physical phenomenon is often accompanied by a beer belly and a double chin. In reality, these breast growths are not so fat they let think. In most cases observed, the “breasts” in men are formed by the development of the skin of the chest. Overweight men sometimes develop when fat cells produce the female hormones, estrogen, which stimulates breast growth. While the present testosterone in the male body should counter this physical phenomenon, the level of this hormone decreases as men age. Source: UK National Health Service

“Men in overweight have longer sex as thinner.”

The Turkish scientists conducted a study on 200 men, they found that subjects with a body mass index higher and a protruding belly had sex that lasted in average 7.3 minutes. Thinner men, by comparison, made love in just two minutes and were more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation. The reason given: a testosterone reduction linked to obesity. Although rounder men take longer during the sexual act, they encounter erectile dysfunction problems. Source: International Journal of Impotence Research