Keep a healthy body does not have to be binding. This is part of a slow process because of the quick and effective solutions to lose some weight and being healthy are difficult or impossible to grow. The Independent Panel four foods that facilitate the process by helping the body to burn the bad fats.

1. Greek yogurt

This yogurt contains less sugar and milk than others. It is also more protein, which takes longer to be digested and help to eat less, says WebMD. However, modern manufacturing processes can interfere with the protein level. It is therefore advisable to compare its label to the other to ensure that it has lost nothing of his qualities during processing.

2. Brown rice

The foods that contain fiber take longer to digest. So they keep the stomach full between meals and allow the body to draw energy in fat reserves. To boost fiber intake, it is best to eat fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, pasta and complete rice, beans, peas or lentils.

3. Peppers

If you like to eat dishes (very) surveys, this habit can help you keep a healthy body and a stable weight. A study from the University of Wyoming suggests that capsaicin, a substance that makes chilli, boosts the metabolism and turns white fat (or white adipose tissue) in brown fat. White fat stores energy, while brown fat (adipose tissue or brown) helps burn fat already stored.

4. Watermelon

This product contains 92% water. Gorging on watermelon water fills the stomach, leaving less room for other foods. While many studies suggest that drinking a large glass before meals helps to lose weight, water does not contain as many vitamins (A and C) as watermelon.