white bread and pasta are not complete

carbohydrates are our main source of energy. But if you do not choose good carbs, they can have the opposite effect. Carbohydrates are broken down into sugar in the body, this is what gives us energy. This transformation process is slower in the case of complex carbohydrates, such as wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta or oatmeal.

The difference lies in the fibers, which are barely present in products made from refined flour. “Without fiber, the faster the food is digested. For example, if you eat a slice white bread with jam, the body will produce a lot of insulin to treat everything sweet. Therefore, the sugar in the blood will rapidly decrease and you will soon hunger, “says the nutritionist Katty Uytersprot to Morgen.

fruit juices

The problem with juice is similar. The fruit are rich in sugar (fructose), but the fibers ensure that it does not come gradually into the bloodstream. Now if you press a fruit, you lose the fibers.

“The juice of an orange contains as much sugar as the whole fruit, but because of the lack of fiber, sugar is found in the blood faster,” says Uytersprot. Moreover, the liquid food spends less time in the stomach, and the feeling of hunger comes more quickly. This is also the case for other liquids such as soup.

Some fruits

Although the fiber in the fruit slows sugar absorption, it is possible to still hungry after eating an apple. This is explained because the apple is a “compact fruit.” When you bite into an apple, we still chewing. It’s the same with carrots for example. “Unlike a peach or nectarine, which is more flexible and is already pre-digested through saliva.”

Products containing fake sugar

Even opting for diet drinks, you will not escape. They contain fewer calories, but artificial sweeteners deceive the brain. This has the consequence that sweet craving rest, and the temptation to give in to.


Alcohol also is a form of sugar. When you drink alcohol, sugar levels rise quickly followed by a fall that causes the sensation of hunger.

In addition, “we need to eat something every three hours, either a meal or snack. If you eat at 18h, it is digested several hours later and reduces sugar levels. This also makes you hungry, “the nutritionist. It is normal to have often hungry, but alcohol still accentuates this feeling.