Approved by a commission from the Imperial College, a London university, the trial will be conducted by researchers from the organization Womb Transplant UK, which will, however, collect 500,000 pounds (677,000 euros) to carry it out.

Dr. Richard Smith, who will lead the team, hoping to follow the example of Sweden, where a woman could give birth to a child the year last after suffering a uterus transplant.

Transplantation “is clearly a viable option for women who would otherwise have no chance to wear their own baby,” said in a statement this consultant gynecologist at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in London.

Womb Transplant UK shows have received hundreds of candidates to a uterus transplant. Only ten will be selected, according to strict criteria:. age between  25 and 38, be engaged in a stable relationship, and healthy.

Before the test, the embryos will be formed in vitro then frozen.

Women then will undergo an operation to receive six hours of transplantation and follow medical treatment for one year to prevent rejection of the transplant, before being inseminated. Births take place by Caesarean section to avoid subjecting the uterus to the stress of childbirth.

The women will then undergo a six-hour transplant operation to receive a womb from a donor who is classed as braindead but whose heart has been kept beating said Dr. Smith.

Six months after the birth, every woman will be offered a new pregnancy. In case of refusal, doctors will perform a hysterectomy to reduce the risks related to medical treatment.

According Womb Transplant UK, about one woman in 5,000 is born without a uterus in the UK.