Have restless at work is good for health. In any case that demonstrates a study backed by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. This survey, conducted by Janet Cade of the University of Leeds, was performed on 12,778 elderly Englishwomen of 37-78 years.

The researchers analyzed the results of a first medical monitoring on food and Health and sent to the participants followed by another questionnaire about their lifestyle, their sport, their diet and chronic diseases they suffered.

It was also asked whether they were moving or not their office chair says Terrafemina. Then they had to estimate on a scale of 1 to 10 how often they “wriggled” the gigotements designating all those little fingers tapotages or repetitive movements of the feet that sometimes we do not realize when you sit

The observed results were telling:. women who stay seated seven hours or more a day were 30% more exposed to fatal risks than those who sit five hours or less per day. “The most active seem to have better results in the long term,” said Janet Cade the Guardian. “While more research is needed, the results raise the question whether the negative association that is made for people on the move, rudeness or concentration should persist if these simple movements are beneficial to health, “she continues.

Sitting all day in particular increase the risk of cardiovascular problems, cancers and in general, premature death. Indeed, scientists have noted an increased risk of mortality in people that do not move in their seats unlike those who tend to fidget. The getting up for regular walking is recommended for several years, but this latest study is presented as the first to focus specifically aware of stir in his chair and the impact on mortality.