This aesthetic concept comes to us from Japan and could be a real source of happiness . It is to develop the spiritual provision to be moved by the beauty of things imperfect, transitory and simple. Learn to love the imperfections would be the beginning of happiness.


“Hanyauku” is a Swahili word that is untranslatable. It symbolizes the fact of walking on tiptoe on hot sand. A feeling that makes you feel like snared with a heat wave and that every gesture is adorned with poetry. This time the only concern is to follow that cloud in the sky or bend his arm to take her glass.


The Fika , or coffee break is an institution in Sweden. We stop all its activities to chat with friends or colleagues. More than just a pause, it’s almost a communion. A time when one takes the time to talk and listen.


This is when a word or song directly touches a nerve. They have the power to wake emotions that were like sleeping. The dhvani is the soul of poetry, the “resonance” that must lead us to rasa, the aesthetic pleasure. Rasa is the heart of the Indian aesthetic and states, basically, that the “flavor” issued by a suggested work is much more than it is expressed.


Is a Danish term for the act of creating a cozy and warm cocoon to enjoy the blessings of life. A place where one can be entirely self for a moment devoted to his small person. All for best left flush frivolous carelessness.

Cheiro no cangote

This Portuguese word means sniffing the neck of your beloved (e) for a feeling of medley. It would be enough to slide his nose in the neck of a loved one and a deep breath to give birth to happiness.


Strolling through the streets as the sun sets. This Italian word covers an opportunity to show themselves, but also to lay your head from the cares of the day and make chance encounters. A great moment of serendipity, or the opportunity to find something that was not looking.


A Spanish term for the good atmosphere and warm discussions with friends after meals. One of those moments touched by grace that you want to last for always.