Ebola: $ 3.4 billion promised to Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, prédidente du Lberia, lors de la conférence organisée au siège de l'ONU et qui a permis de récolter de 3,4 milliards de dollars. 

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the prédidente Lberia during the conference at the UN headquarters, which has raised 3.4 billion dollars. (AFP / Cellou Binani)

Beyond the continents, the call for help was heard. At a conference held at UN headquarters in New York, the three countries of West Africa ravaged by Ebola have asked the international community $ 3.2 billion to try to rebuild their economies and strengthen their health systems, while gradually the virus resurfaced.

Friday, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone received funding commitments totaling 3 4 billion. More than they hoped. In all, the fight against Ebola assignment background, created by the UN in 2014, has collected 5.18 billion dollars.

A result that its Administrator Helen Clark, considers “very encouraging”. The President of Guinea, Alpha Condé, was him, welcomed an exceptional mobilization “.

Among the donors, the European Commission announced that it would provide € 450 million, the United States pledged $ 266 million and the UK $ 372 million. Germany has pledged € 196 million and France € 150 million. Promises that have yet to be confirmed by the benefactors.

A “Marshall Plan” against Ebola

Ernest Bai Koroma, President of Sierra Leone has invited the international community has not let down our guard, “we know that humanity sometimes has a short attention span and she wants to move on because the Ebola threat seems over. No, the threat will remain as long as we do not rebuild the health system that the epidemic has demolished (…) and revived the private sector she suffocated. Ebola is a stubborn foe. Support our economic recovery program will prevent his return. ”

As after World War II, Guinean President Alpha Conde called for the creation of a “Marshall Plan”. It seeks the annulment of external debt, the three countries. The World Bank estimates losses in gross domestic product to 2.2 billion.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf stressed that the epidemic has broken the growth prospects in his country, Liberia (which rose from 5.9% to 0.4%), but also in Guinea (from 4.5% to 1.3%) and Sierra Leone (11.3% to 6%). “We can and we must return to the progress that prevailed before the Ebola trauma” and adding “viruses such as terrorism knows no national boundaries.”

New thrust Ebola “We can not push a sigh of relief,” said Ban Ki-moon, opening the conference Friday. In recent days, Ebola outbreaks are highest in West Africa. Liberia has recorded 3 new cases (including 1 death), after being declared free of the disease on May 9 Sierra Leone and Guinea identify more patients at the beginning of the year. The epidemic has killed more 11,000 people since late 2013, almost exclusively in these three countries. It has disrupted their health systems, devastated their economies and scares away investors.

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