Based in Tilff in the province of Liège, the association will be the first Os’mose Walloon Association to train dogs to help people with epilepsy, reports Vanessa Wey at a press conference. This type of training which exists in Flanders, will for the first time in Wallonia the ornamentation required. To launch the project, canine instructors have been specially trained by the Flemish Association.

The dogs, retrievers goldens, will be trained for 18 months. They will learn to prevent a seizure and provide opportunities for their masters to safety. The goldens can even wake up once the crisis has passed and pick the necessary medicines. In addition, they will prevent passers in emergencies and allow them to intervene effectively.

An assistance dog knows and knows how to respond to fifty orders. Such a dog costs about 10,000 euros to the association, mainly financed by donations and events.

Since its inception in 2011, the ASBL Os’mose has trained fifteen assistance dogs for disabled people. In 2015, she placed between 10 and 15 in foster care. The initiative allows people with a disability can be helped and accompanied every day. Isolation and loneliness of people with epilepsy may well be broken. This is a real step forward because today assistance dogs are not always funded AWIPH, unlike the guides for the visually impaired, reports L Future .