Depression perhaps? But depression, what are the symptoms?

1. Sad and depressed

One feels “empty” and depressed, we believe in a little bit of cockroach, but it persists and moved up to become a permanent condition.

2. More want anything

What we liked in the past leaves us completely indifferent. You lose the taste of small daily pleasures, you want for nothing.

3. Lack of appetite, or too much appetite

Hunger goes and as one is not hungry, not eating … so we lose weight.

Or rather, cravings “comforting” turns fast pace (crave chocolate, sweet …), and the kilos that come with it too.

4. Lack of sleep or too much sleep

Sleep, like appetite, is impacted these two extremes. Either the depressed person does not sleep, and complain of insomnia (which causes fatigue accumulation or point 6), or sleep is seen as a safe haven, which allows time to elapse and all the excuses … are good to join his pillow.

5. Black or suicidal ideas

This is probably here that the limit lies between “blues” and “depression”. People who have it are prone to dark thoughts, black … even suicidal thoughts in some cases. They see the glass half empty rather than half full, are afraid and are anxious for no reason established.

6. Constantly tired

The person perceives an immense fatigue, constant fatigue, which does not pass despite periods of rest.

7. Slow and tortuous thought

Difficulty concentrating, slow thinking and muddled ideas … they accuse fatigue, lack of sleep; it’s true, but not that. There is another reason: a drop in dopamine and serotonin, also called neurotransmitters of “happiness hormones”.

8. Reduced activity

Because of the immense fatigue and weariness felt, the person who suffers from depression significantly reduces its activity. She has more energy … or conversely hyperactivity periods come suddenly to make it back into its lethargy soon after.

9. Listen to your body (and what he has to say)

Headaches, back pain, digestive problems and other somatic problems are repeated again and again … It’s time to listen his body and the alarm signal that we address.

10. Loss of confidence

Finally, the depressed person feel guilty, it had never happened to him before like that … There is a loss of the esteem and the confidence that had in itself.

Attention everyone can be depressed or feel one or more of these symptoms. Thus, it is the multiplicity of these and duration of discomfort, becoming a handicap in everyday life, which are callable.

If in doubt, check!