Different type of massage therapy

At the spa, sports club, in a salon, the physio, we all become addicts. Demand (and supply, obviously) would be increased fivefold in recent years. This phenomenon therefore meets a real need. In our society that exalts the cult of the body and the immediate happiness, massages have it all. Paradoxically, in this world of Hypercommunication where everyone is “connected” at all times, we desperately short contact.

Adults do not receive more, so that it is not misinterpreted. Therefore it is not surprising to hear that the masseurs have replaced the shrinks. “Yes, confirms Alain Daligault, trainer in a massage school in Brussels and practitioner of Thai massage. Sometimes people tend to trust masseurs and some improvised shrink. I’m against it are completely different businesses . Personally, I work with a network of doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists or of energy companies. Depending on the demands and needs, I try to guide people to specialists. ”

In general, the massage brings relaxation, calming, but also energy, in short, a wellness irreplaceable. It is an exchange. For an hour, we live a privileged relationship in a privileged space: we are listening, we are pampered, in short, we exist. A very precious moment for people who feel alone. That said, the massage can glorify, also a philosophical dimension. Chopped in our lives and fragmented by incessant zappings, get a massage from head to toe can recover his body as a whole. By working on muscle tension, it addresses a broader concept: letting go, a sometimes difficult accepted by Western quality that must take every situation “under control.”

massage What to choose? “It must always be adapted to the request of the person, says Alain Daligault. A relaxing massage surface and an Asian traditional massage (therapeutic), they are two very different worlds. We must identify its needs and, to the extent possible, explain very clearly to the masseur, which is not always the case. ” First of all, please inquire! To find the “hidden gem”, the word of mouth works very well. The shops “organic” or massage schools are also a good source of information. One can also surf the Internet (while checking the training of masseurs).

Balancing, Chinese massage

In China, tui-na is one of five branches of traditional medicine, as well as herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietary or qigong. There, it is practiced both in everyday life, with family, with qualified masseurs that, for therapeutic purposes. For Asians, the body is healthy when energy (qi) flows freely within the body. The goal of the “tui na” is releasing “energy nodes”, physical and emotional, to boost circulation, balance the yin and yang by acting on tissues, but also on the meridians and points acupuncture. An ideal treatment to fight against fatigue, nervous tension, hitting blues, minor injuries, to stretch the joints or simply maintain its vitality. It lies on the table in underwear and covered with a fine cloth. The hands of the therapist into action with alternating pressure, friction, stretching and supported rather firm but not painful. The circular maneuvers turns fast and ultra-fast pace, with incredible dexterity. One has the impression that he uses a variety of instruments, both sensations vary … Negative, only his hands are in action. The therapist focuses at length on the back, neck, head and face, before treating the lower body to “down” energy, too often blocked the upper floors. So nothing to do with a relaxing oil massage, where you just close your eyes and let go. That said, we spent a great time. We relaxed out, but not sluggish and you feel invigorated in depth.

De-stressing, the hot stone massage

Borrowed from traditional culture of North American Indians, the hot stone massage from the ashes in the 1980s in Arizona. This old Navajo Indian territory, with lunar landscapes, is “inhabited” and the stones in it that are responsible for energy. Some institutions, purists, procure these stones (basalt) came from Arizona, others choose volcanic stones of various origins, or go fishing in the ocean floor. After having bathed in salt water, the recharge to the moon rays. This means if we believe in it! The hot stones are meant to recharge the batteries and “balance the energy flow”. More simply, accompanied by a good massage de-stressing, they promote relaxation. In a warm and cozy room, the practitioner asks round stones, soft and warm on the neck, along the back and the small of the back. On the front, they will also be placed on strategic points (power points) anatomy (plexus and belly). With other stones, the practitioner makes a long relaxing massage consisting of slides and pressures. Well done, one can not distinguish the case of hands or pebbles. After, on plane.

Conditioner, Thai massage

In Thailand, traditional medicine has been codified in the eighteenth century by doctors the king’s court. It combines a pharmacopoeia and a ritual (massage) to treat and to relax. The massage restores energy, tones the skin and muscle tissue, stimulates circulation, balance the nervous and endocrine systems. Treating the body as a whole, it is a preventive method, which revoiced protective and regenerating the body and mind. So nothing to do with the massages of light districts of Bangkok. The “real” masseurs are trained with extreme rigor in special schools, highly controlled by the government, because their reputation is at stake. The massage practice dressed (shirt and light trousers). It lies on a tatami. The practitioner begins by palpating the feet: that is where he will spot the blocking areas. Then he goes back down the legs by combining several techniques: acupressure, muscle massage, stretching and manipulations which resemble those used by osteopaths. All the body goes there, double-sided. The session ends with a light massage of the neck and forehead. It comes out in general aching all over, but the beneficial effect is felt in the next few hours. Suitable for all those who have back problems, insomnia, circulation, joints, anxiety or stress.

Reconciling, Ayurvedic massage

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “knowledge of life”. This is a comprehensive, ancestral (she has five thousand years) and especially preventive health as well-being. In India, Ayurvedic doctors undergo training and receive allopathic consultation in clinics. In Europe, only the preventive aspect and well-being of this medicine recognized by the WHO is allowed. Voisine of Chinese medicine, she works on energy and is based on the balance of the three doshas, ​​the regulatory body forces “vata” (air), “pitta” (fire), “kafa” (the water). The vital body functions, emotional and mental, everything is taken into account and any fluctuates constantly. Food hygiene and purification rites are important. Relaxation exercises (yoga) and massages are recommended each day. And there are several, the most targeted (eyes, toes) to the more general, kneading the body with sesame oil, scented with essential oils of flowers. Gestures, choreographed according to a specific tempo, alternating touches, with the elbow, palm, fist, and rhythms, mixing great tonic friction with soft movements and more in depth. You come out “healthy body” but it is absolutely not hovering. Improvements fail at a time. Ayurvedic massage takes time, between five and ten sessions. According to those who practice diligently, it is this consistency that keeps stress mounted remotely.

And also … Swedish massage

Inspired by ancestral massage, Swedish massage was developed in the twentieth century by the Swede Per Henrik Ling to relieve athletes. Born in the land of the healthy body, massage real good, no frills, addresses priority to muscle. The latter, made deep hand is off by various maneuvers reminiscent of sports massage. Hands knead the muscle before stretch star fingertips. Slight pinching, beating with the back of the hands or fists accelerate blood circulation. The whole body is well kneaded from head to feet. At the place where stress causes contractures – shoulders, back – a slight pain can be felt. But late in the session – it ends with softer touches – you feel good in body and in his head. In summary: stroking, rubbing, kneading, twisting, percussion: the well proportioned combination of all its operations very quickly its effect. Refreshes a relaxing massage. A try at the end of a stressful day to untie body and soul.

Californian massage, soft, soft, soft …

This “sensitive” massage, soft and sensual, is perfectly suited to nervous temperaments, to those who are constantly tied. Of great softness, the Californian massage requires total confidence in whoever mass necessary for a waiver to the welfare of the body. The hand glides over the skin coated with vegetable oil. Movements – stroking or light pressure – are slow, enveloping, and under the fingers the physical and psychic tensions decrease, even soothe. Practiced regularly, once a week, for example, this massage can prevent the effects of stress on the body.

Shiatsu, energy generator

This Japanese massage (literally finger pressure) is part, as well as acupuncture, traditional oriental medicine. His goal: keep the body healthy by regulating vital energy, “qi”. To avoid stagnation of this energy, the masseur exerts pressure along the meridians where it circulates. It acts on the key points with the thumbs or hand. Shiatsu can be used to relax and invigorate the body. It can also be seen as a true therapeutic to treat headaches, insomnia or digestive disorders. Tip: better to be in expert hands

The do-in or self massage

Close to the technique of Shiatsu, this. self massage, practiced in the morning on an empty stomach, promotes a harmonious awakening. It activates the flow of energy in the body. Pressures, friction and pounding is done in a specific order that it is important to respect. We start with the hands, arms, followed by the skull, face, chest and lower limbs. It ends in the stomach, the center of the flow of energy and balance in the eastern philosophies. Better practice quiet, sitting at the Japanese: legs folded under the thighs. The do-in is a good way to harmonize all bodily functions and rebalance the nervous system. An initiation with a master is mandatory. Then it can be practiced alone.